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Management districts are designated geographical zones within which services can be provided above and beyond the level currently offered by the local government. Management districts are the equivalent of a suburban mall association. Through the mechanism of an independent assessment district, property owners can decide what kind and level of services they need, and exert direct control over the delivery of these services through a board comprised mainly of property owners within the district.

The goal of the DLMD is to enhance and promote the downtown environment.

The District will make downtown a more attractive place to work, live, visit, shop and locate a business. Further, a program of well-managed, supplemental services will enable downtown businesses to assure their employees of a high quality environment in which to work, live and recreate.

“In-Rel Properties supports the creation of a downtown Lexington management district. It’s what we need to take downtown Lexington to the next level.” – Mukang Cho, CEO, In-Rel Properties. Click here to read the OpEd published in the Lexington Herald-Leader on Sunday, August 11, 2014.                                                                                                                                                                                 “As someone who fills the roles of downtown developer, property owner and tenant of various properties within the downtown management district boundary I’ve made a large investment in our downtown. And, although the creation of a downtown management district will increase the amount of dollars we personally spend each year, I don’t view this as an “expense”, but rather as an “investment” in our downtown” – Phil Holoubek

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Property owners may obtain a copy of the petition by contacting DLC: 859.425.2591 or info@downtownlex.com